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BIO Series Nitrogen Generators
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BIO Series Nitrogen Generators

Comprehensive Applicability

Advanced Technology

Excellent Stability and Reliability

User-Friendly Design

Product Details Specifications

Comprehensive Applicability
ALL IN ONE SERIES NITROGEN GENERATORS developed by Sciway apply to a full range of LC-MS such as from SCIEX, Agilent, Waters, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, etc. This high purity nitrogen generator meets all gas requirements and even the latest mass spectrometers.

Advanced Technology
■ All-in-one series includes a variety of nitrogen generators with built-in freeze dryers, which provides higher efficiency for the removal of water.
■ Impurities such as oxygen, water, particles, and phthalates can be selectively removed.
■ One or more high-purity nitrogen and clean air sources can be supplied depending on models.
■ Use of a highly efficient and stable nitrogen separation membrane does not cause corona discharges.

Excellent Stability and Reliability
■ CE certification of international authorities ensures the safety of products.
■ A variety of safety measures inside instruments eliminate most of potential dangers.
■ Double air compressor configuration extends the lifetime of the equipment and enhances its stability.*
■ All-in-one series generators adopt independently-developed integrated control board, which further ensures the reliability of instruments.
■ With a comprehensive reminder function, users can be informed of fault information or maintenance of instruments in time.

User-Friendly Design
■ ONLY plugging in and turning on are needed before using as instruments are modular and integrated.
■ Large size HD LCD display and beveled design facilitates reading. *
■ Movable in lab with swivel casters.
■ Combined with multiple noise reduction techniques to maintain noiseless.

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