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AUTOLIQUID Liquid Handling Workstation

Flexible placement of sample stage

Anti-hanging drop technology

Module configuration automation

Hydrodynamic classification

Liquid separation operation

Product Details Specifications

Standard curve solution, tube to plate, accurate and reliable
You only need to decide the concentration of the standard curve solution, submit the sample list, put all the sample tubes, and the workstation will automatically help you add various samples, standard curve solutions, control solution, matrix solution, blank solution, etc. in the 96-well plate. Meanwhile it automatically adjusts the suitable solution parameters for the selected solution type to ensure the accuracy of pipetting. Pipetting from tube to plate is as simple as that, no more mistakes!

Strong pertinence, high cost performance
Specially developed for the pre-treatment process of biological samples, the configuration is simple and convenient. Little money wasted on unnecessary functions.

Friendly and easy-to-use software interface
The "AUTOLIQUID®" software developed by Sciway take account of your daily operating habits, processing procedures, and data security requirements for mass spectrometry analysis, designed with a friendly and easy-to-use interactive interface. It reduces the difficulty of use and improves the compliance of the experiment.

Flexible placement of sample stage
The sample stage matches a variety of different carriers (reagent tube rack, well plate rack, etc.) In addition to the standard carrier, it can be compatible to customized carriers.
The positioning beads on the sample stage allow you to quickly place the carrier while ensuring the accuracy of each structure position.

Anti-hanging drop technology
Liquid absorption compensation is made for organic solvents such as methanol and acetonitrile. No liquid dripping or suspension to ensure accuracy and precision.

Module configuration automation
Automatically prompt the cleaning and maintenance of the pipetting module, and automatically correct the XY axis position.

Hydrodynamic classification
The comprehensive fluid dynamics database can handle various liquids with ease.

Liquid separation operation
Batch operation from tube to plate and liquid dispensing.

Convenient operating system
You only need to set the type of solution to be made and other requirements in the interface, the device will automatically proceed with the making of standard solutions, tube to plate or other general pipetting process.The mixing times in the system can be set according to the requirements, and the maximum mixing is six times.For different type of liquid, the system will automatically replace the adapter tip.

Sophisticated data connection
Import complete 96-well plate position and sample information into mass spectrometry control software to reduce the workload and errors of writing on the mass spectrometry control software.

Double liquid level detection technology
Reliable liquid level detection technology can monitor the liquid level in real time to ensure the tip always in the best position.

Flexible machine placement
Small in size, desktop placement, good use of the space below the desktop.

General pipetting operations
Users can customize each pipetting operation process in the interface.

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