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Z Series Nitrogen Generator
Z Series Nitrogen Generator
Z Series Nitrogen Generator

Filter system

Excellent water removal performance

Flexible swivel casters

Nitrogen module with higher gas production efficiency

Stainless steel gas storage tank

Product Details Specifications

Wide Application
With built-in oil-free air compressors, Z series provides high-purity nitrogen and clean air for all types of LC/MS.

Reliable, High Speed and Durable
■ Lower failure rate with simple design.
■ High-efficiency and stable nitrogen separation membrane are used, and key components are sourced from imported manufacturers.
■ Built-in independent freeze dryer removes water efficiently and quickly.
■ Built-in stainless-steel gas storage tank reduces the risk of gas pressure Fluctuation and reduces the on/off frequency. of air compressor, prolonging the service life of air compressor.
■ A variety of measures inside the instrument eliminate most of the potential dangers.
■ Simple on-site installation and maintenance.
■ Minimum area coverage.
■ Very low noise
■ Moves around effortlessly due to swivel casters.

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