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UTAB Series Nitrogen Generator
UTAB Series Integral Nitrogen Generator
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UTAB Series Nitrogen Generator

Wide Applicability

User-Friendly Design and After-sale services

Product Details Specifications

The UTAB series has all features from the original all-in-one series but with only half of the original size. The compact size allows it to be placed under a standard lab desk.

Wide Applicability
■ UTAB series is d eveloped by Sciway for LC-MS, and it offers gas solutions for most mass spectrometers in the market.
■ One or more high-purity nitrogen and clean air sources can be supplied depending on models.

Product Technical Features and Advantages
■ With a built-in semiconductor freeze dryer and a finned condenser to assist in water removal, the water removal efficiency of the UTAB series is further increased.
■ Imported efficient nitrogen separation membrane does not cause corona discharges. Excellent safety and reliability.
■ UTAB series generator adopts independently-developed integrated control board, which further ensures the reliability of instruments.
■ A variety of techniques inside the instrument eliminate most of potential dangers.
■ Imported double air compressor configuration extends the lifetime of intruments and enhances its stability.*
■ With a comprehensive reminder service function, it can promptly remind users of maintenance.
■ User can be informed of the fault information or maintenance of the instrument in time. *

User-Friendly Design and After-sale services
■ Instrument is modular and integrated. The installation is just plugging in and switching on before use.
■ With the swivel casters, the instrument moves around the whole lab.
■ Combined with multiple noise reduction techniques, quiet during work.
■ Customized services are available upon request.
■ Standardized warranty service is available for 12 months.
■ Responses within 12 hours upon domestic maintenance, request with on-site repairs arranged in 48 hours.

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