Lab Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen generator self inspection process

May 30, 2024

As the main source of nitrogen in liquid quality laboratories, the state of the nitrogen generator directly affects the accuracy of mass spectrometry testing; Below, Sciway lists the contents that you can check on your own in daily life. Follow Sciway to check your instruments first. Splitting machines can directly check the condition of each component. For all-in-one machines and combination machines, please open the cover plate for inspection.

First, let's check the operation of the instrument and see if there are any abnormal noises during operation.

Please check if the drain outlet of the air storage tank (including the air compressor air storage tank) is blocked. It is recommended to first place a larger container under the air storage tank and then open the valve under it. The gas storage tank is the most easily overlooked area for everyone, because blockage does not affect the use of the instrument; But the water cannot be discharged, and over time, the gas storage tank will become a large water tank, allowing water to enter the gas path and affect mass spectrometry.

Please visually inspect each electrical contact for any burning or component deformation. If necessary, please turn off the power and contact relevant personnel or suppliers for resolution.

Please check if the cooling holes of the instrument are obstructed or if the cooling holes are too close to the wall. Good heat dissipation is the guarantee for stable operation and extended service life of the instrument.

Please check the refrigeration efficiency of the freeze-drying machine; Touchable instrument inlet and outlet positions can be compared and confirmed. If the freeze-drying machine does not cool, it will affect the overall water removal performance of the instrument, and residual water may enter the mass spectrometry. Please contact Sciway immediately.

Please check the interfaces of each pipeline for looseness or contamination.

Finally, please recall how long it has been since the last time each filter element (intake filter element, water removal filter element, etc.) was replaced. The filter element is a guarantee of the purity of the nitrogen output at the end, please take it seriously. It is generally recommended to replace it every six months. If the environmental quality in the area is good, it can be extended to one year.

The above is all the content that everyone can check on their own, but the wear and tear of the instrument during operation (such as air compressor wear and tear) cannot be checked on their own, and such problems are the most difficult to detect on a daily basis; And once it occurs, the resulting losses are often significant. In order for the instrument to operate well and allow you to focus on experiments, Sciway recommends that you perform maintenance every six months. If you have this requirement or encounter difficulties during the inspection process, please feel free to contact Sciway.


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