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Precautions for Using Nitrogen Generator in Summer

Jun 07, 2024

As temperatures rise across the country, it's time to rely on ice cream and air conditioning to survive. Of course, it is not only the hardworking human who endure the scorching summer, but many diligent laboratory instruments are also being tested by high temperatures. Recently, we received inquiries from some clients, stating that as soon as they walked into the room where the instruments and equipment were placed, they could feel the overwhelming heat wave and were concerned about whether it would affect the normal operation of the instruments.

This concern is not unnecessary, although we rarely encounter situations where nitrogen generators go on strike due to high temperatures, the prolonged high temperature environment may indeed affect equipment functionality.

Why does high temperature have an impact on the nitrogen generator?

For example, in all nitrogen generator series products, refrigerated dryers are used for water removal in the gas production process. Compared to the traditional condensing coil water removal method used by some other manufacturers in the industry, the dehumidification effect of the refrigerated dryer is better, which can provide purer nitrogen for mass spectrometry equipment and ensure accurate experimental or testing results. But while cooling and removing water, the refrigerated dryer itself also needs to dissipate heat. However, during the high temperature season, the higher ambient temperature makes it difficult for the cooling port of the refrigerated dryer to effectively dissipate heat, which may result in a decrease in refrigeration efficiency.

In addition, another component of the nitrogen generator, the air compressors, also requires heat dissipation. An air compressor is a pressure generating device that compresses air, mainly to provide sufficient air to generate a sufficient amount of nitrogen gas. A lower ambient temperature can maintain a good working temperature for the air compressor, without exacerbating wear and shortening its service life due to excessively high ambient temperature.

How to ensure that the nitrogen generator runs smoothly on high temperature days?

It is extremely necessary to equip the room where the nitrogen generator is located with air conditioning if conditions permit. Installing air conditioning is the first choice, setting the indoor temperature to 25-30 ℃. If it is not possible to install air conditioning, the second option is to install exhaust ducts to transfer the heat generated by the air compressor to the outside through the ventilation system, without circulating inside the room, to prevent the indoor temperature from getting higher and ensure the stable and efficient operation of the nitrogen generator system.

How to determine if high temperature has already affected the nitrogen generator?

If there are no professional testing personnel and tools, the most basic way to judge is that if the experimenter's own body temperature has reached an uncomfortable level, this environment is also unfavorable for the operation of the instrument. In addition, a simple judgment is based on whether the sound of the equipment during operation has increased. If it is obvious that the operating sound has increased compared to normal, it indicates that the internal components may have worn out. If you want to achieve a longer service life, it is best to try to lower the ambient temperature. Of course, you can also seek professional assistance from a maintenance engineer to conduct testing and judgment for you.

Sciway has been committed to nitrogen generators for 18 years, striving to achieve excellence in nitrogen generators and has successfully served thousands of customers. For the mass spectrometry equipment and various laboratory gas requirements of major manufacturers, Analysis can provide corresponding nitrogen supply solutions. If you have any questions or needs in the field of nitrogen, please feel free to contact us for communication.

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